Probably like most people who are interested in developments in innovation strategy, I have several Google alerts set to flag “artifacts” concerning the topic.  I use “artifacts” a phrase dear to Tin Whiskers co-author Dave Fazzina, because it is more than a simple web hit.  Any web hit can be weighted up or down in an artifacts measurement.  For instance, a major corporation adopting a new O.I. strategy is important while another do-nothing conference with the same people talking about the same thing as they did 3 years ago rates pretty low.



I love this article:  At 3M, Innovation Comes in Tweaks and Snips (WSJ)

The article discusses 3M CEO George Buckley’s approach to driving innovation during a recession.  I’m impressive by his observations because they are devoid of the drivel so common among executives when asked about innovation.  (more…)

I recently came across a story on a website celebrating Apple’s innovativeness that breathlessly described a US patent application granted to Steve Jobs (among others) on a most devilish invention.  (more…)

I read recently in the Patently-O patent law blog (my favorite patent blog besides Patent Baristas) that one of the USPTO’s biggest problems going forward with respect to revenues is a sharp drop in maintenance fees paid for granted US patents, ostensibly in response to the economic downturn.  Many inventors fail to realize that once they have successfully prosecuted their application until issuance, the costs don’t stop there.  (more…)

A good article that sites the backlast against transactional models of open innovation:    Bloomberg article. (more…)

It has been a while since a new technology product hype equaled that of the new IPad announced last week from Apple. In all of the presentations by innovation consultants, pundits, and talking heads that I’ve been privy too over the years, no doubt Apple/Jobs has been cited more than any other as an example of the best of every type of innovation (open, closed, customer-driven, consumer-driven, Blue Sky,  and every-flavor thereof.) Everyone is eager to morph the Jobs message to mesh with whatever they are hawking.

Not to be outdone…. 🙂 (more…)

This op-ed piece in the NYTimes by Thomas Friedman will be interesting to those interested in innovation.

I’d say Friedman is right in that President Obama should focus on job creation through innovation and revitalization.  But Friedman ignores a problem:  government will see the problem as “what should government do?” rather than “what are we doing to impeded business that we should stop?” (more…)